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DexGuard 5.1 for Android

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DexGuard 5.1 for Android

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We're pleased to announce the release of DexGuard 5.1.

DexGuard is our specialized optimizer and obfuscator for Android. It focuses on protecting Android applications against reverse engineering, piracy, and tampering. It automatically applies recommended techniques like string encryption, class encryption, and reflection. This release adds a number of commonly requested features; notably, it now also obfuscates binary XML resource files and it can process stand-alone Android libraries as end-products.

DexGuard is compatible with our open-source optimizer and obfuscator ProGuard. ProGuard is generic and applicable for all Java development. It is distributed as part of the Android SDK, and widely used for compacting and hardening Android applications. DexGuard provides additional protection measures that are less suitable for an open-source project, but commonly requested by professional Android developers.

If you're not sure whether ProGuard or DexGuard could be useful for your Android development, you may learn more from the slides of my recent presentation at Droidcon in London, in which I discussed some typical results, a bit of technical background, and practical tips.

Eric Lafortune


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