An SDK to Integrate DialogFlow With Golang for Bot Development

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An SDK to Integrate DialogFlow With Golang for Bot Development

DialogFlow, a natural language processing service, offers many SDKs in different programming languages — but not Golang. Until now...

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DialogFlow (formerly API.AI) gives users new ways to interact with your bot by building engaging voice- and text-based conversational interfaces powered by AI.

DialogFlow offers many SDKs in different programming languages:

But unfortunately, there’s no SDK for Golang.

But don't be sad! I made an SDK to integrate DialogFlow with Golang:

This library allows integrating agents from the DialogFlow natural language processing service with your Golang application.

Issue the following command to install the library:

go get github.com/mlabouardy/dialogflow-go-client

The example below, display list of entities:

package main

import (

func main() {
    err, client: = NewDialogFlowClient(Options {
        AccessToken: "<DIALOGFLOW TOKEN GOES HERE>",
    if err != nil {

    entities, err: = client.EntitiesFindAllRequest()
    if err != nil {
    for _, entity: = range entities {

Note: For more details about the available methods, check the project's GitHub repository.

For a real-world example on how to use this library, check my previous tutorial on how to create a Messenger Bot in Golang to show a list of movies playing in cinema, and TV shows airing on TV:

That's it! Comment below with any questions or observations.

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