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A Different Type of Shark Encounter

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If you have been bitten by the process bug, like me, then you always see parallels between business, process, and everyday life. It drives my wife, mother, and friends crazy, but I always see them, and it is usually in the context of how I can make the process better at the airport, church, restaurant, Boy Scout meeting, football game, etc. (You get the picture).

Yesterday, I was trolling Twitter and saw a post to this video about a girl free-diving with a great white shark. If you grew up when I did (think movie Jaws), the title of this video is one of the most frightening things you can imagine. I decided to check the video out and was very surprised by the video and the parallel it made for me to process. Here are my initial observations.

It is about fit not winning

The main thing I gleaned from this video and Kimi Werner is a degree of self-actualization that you don’t see in many people, and especially in many companies. In the way she was raised and has chosen to live, she looks for balance and benefit for all, not winning. All too often, in business, we work in an “us against them” posture. Kimi says…

“I don’t really feel it should be Man AND the Ecosystem…. I believe Man is part of the Ecosystem. Realizing that helps me to strive to find my place in it.”

What would happen if organizations follow the same approach to find their place in their ecosystem versus massive growth or the highest marketshare?

Being selective, resources matter

When Kimi talks about spear fishing, she says, “You get one breath, one drop, and one shot to get one fish.” This is how she collects and uses resources. All too often, I’ve seen businesses not make these hard decisions. They want to be everything to everyone and spend resources (usually human resources) in areas not aligned with their place in the ecosystem; all in an attempt to win.

Preparation is key – there will be sharks

Kimi describes when she first entered the water. Her head was still out of the while she adjusted her mask and her camera man started tapping her. She knew what she was going to see when she put her head underwater, and it frightened her to the point she squealed. But all of her years of spearfishing prepared her for the encounter and how to read fish. Because she read the shark as being in docile posture, she began swimming towards it, and she found that she and the shark weren’t all that different.

“This moment really confirmed to me that we are all so vulnerable and so dependent on one another and we have to take care of one another.”

Watch the video and let me know what you glean from it.

The DevOps Zone is brought to you in partnership with LogEntries. Learn how you can convert any query into a data visualization for your dashboard with Logentries.


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