Differentiated QoS in Multi-Tenant Clouds [Slideshow]

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Differentiated QoS in Multi-Tenant Clouds [Slideshow]

One developer proposes differentiated quality of service, including the possible architecture, for optimizing multi-tenant clouds.

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I arrived at beautiful Greece this Sunday to present one of my papers at the CoopIS conference and another at the EI2N workshop. Today, I presented my first paper at EI2N. The presentation and abstract are given below.

Abstract: Data centers consist of various users with multiple roles and differentiated levels of access. Tenant execution flows can be of different priorities based on the role of the tenant and the nature of the process. Traditionally enterprise network optimizations are made at each specific layer, from the physical layer to the application layer. However, a cross-layer optimization of cloud networks would utilize the data available to each of the layers in a more efficient manner.

This paper proposes an approach and architecture for differentiated quality of service (QoS). By employing a selective redundancy in a controlled manner, end-to-end delivery is guaranteed for priority tenant application flows despite congestion. The architecture, in a higher level, focuses on exploiting the global knowledge of the underlying network readily available to the Software-Defined Networking (SDN) controller to cater the requirements of the tenant applications. QoS is guaranteed to the critical tenant flows in multi-tenant clouds by cross-layer enhancements across the network and application layers.

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