Digital Disruption at Cisco Live With DNA and DevNet

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Digital Disruption at Cisco Live With DNA and DevNet

Susie Wee talks about the need for tech professionals that understand it all and applications that do at all, while inviting readers to come check out Cisco Live via DevNet.

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Some Context

We have all heard that digital disruption is causing a market change. And, we have probably also heard about the application economy. These two things are tied together with the Internet of Things and what enterprises are trying to do for their business today. The number one priority for businesses today is increasing revenue. And, one of the key ways they intend to increase revenue is through digital innovation. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few things that may help you if you are participating in this industry makeover.

Digital Disruption, Digital Network Architecture, and Cisco DevNet

When people talk about digital disruption today, they are usually thinking of killer applications like Uber or Airbnb. For sure, they are thinking of something that almost certainly involves mobility, analytics, cloud, and networking. But, what I notice is that most people are thinking of the app far more than the underlying technologies.

What I think is incumbent on us technology professionals is to make sure that we are well versed in all of the technologies. We need to truly understand what goes into a digitally disruptive application in order to help companies understand what they need in order to build that application to increase their revenues. A mobile application that is really just a mobile version of a static we site is not going to cut it. That’s just a waste of time and money.

The types of things that are working are applications that make innovative uses of analytics, location services, collaboration, and even better—all of these tied together to create a truly unique customer experience. The Uber application utilizes outdoor location services (GPS) in combination with a mobile experience that has analytics (cloud-based) built in and a new super convenient economic payment method—all in a single app.

And then there’s the underlying network, there’s a set of tools for automation and orchestration based on the shift to software-defined networking. Programmable networks make it possible to deploy policies for QoS and access control to keep your network safe, secure, and performing at its best. However, this requires a change in how people work as they deploy, manage, and operate their networks. Network and IT admins and operators are now power users of large software systems, so they need software skills to do their jobs well.

This is where Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) and Cisco DevNet can really help you. Cisco DNA has the bulk of the underlying technologies organized and built into a solution that makes understanding, utilizing, securing, and running digitally disruptive networks and applications easier than ever before. And, in some cases, it actually makes things possible that you would be hard pressed to do another way.

We have also created a DNA Community of Interest in DevNet where you can connect with your peers who are on the same journey of digital transformation in their networks and IT systems.

Cisco DevNet is the one-stop shop where you can come to learn about this technology, practice coding this technology, and see how others have solved problems with inspirational stories of innovation on the Cisco technologies—including Cisco DNA.

We’re Bringing This to Cisco Live, Las Vegas!

At Cisco Live, we will have over a dozen different learning opportunities on this front, associated with the DevNet zone. We will have proctored learning labs where you can get started with DNA.

Are you interested in how to make sure your mobile applications are secure? How about how you can use location services to make your mobile application more immersive and customer friendly? Want to learn how you can make a collaboration capability in your application work better? You can learn all of these things at Cisco Live.

All are part of Cisco DNA. And you can learn all about DNA at Cisco Live in the DevNet Zone. To help you sort through all these opportunities, we have a great tool for you that filters the full list of DevNet Zone activities by day or topic to find the sessions of greatest importance to you. Check it out here: https://developer.cisco.com/site/DevNetZone

DevNet is Here to Help

Cisco DevNet is the single resource for everything "developer" at Cisco. We are here to help you learn, code, and get inspired. We have learning labs, sandboxes, and more, ranging from the SDN controllers in the enterprise network and data center to the Internet of Things.

Please, let me know your thoughts. And if you haven’t already, come visit us on DevNet.

Thanks for reading!

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