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Digital Disruption - Sad but even Google isn't going far enough with their new "Inbox that works for you"

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Digital Disruption - Sad but even Google isn't going far enough with their new "Inbox that works for you"

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Google is someone that I have associated with rapid innovation and positive digital disruption in the past, and on the surface I was quite excited to read about their 'reinvention' of their inbox and email.
However, on closer examination Google's latest efforts are more directed at consolidation of calendar's and 'to do' items within an inbox/mail interface and little more.

Granted, their new "Inbox that works for you" is a very very slick video (Check out the youtube video below to see a preview)

It is quite a "sexy" UI, and as a consumer it does appeal to me.

Not, however, as a Corporate manager as it increases what is in my inbox and provides features like 'conversation threads' which have been present for years in other email clients.

So, I will raise my point yet again.

Email in the 21st Century needs to change. 

Email as it is being used today takes up too much time, and takes people away from the work they are supposed to be doing as Knowledge workers.
  • Email is not work.
  • Nor is it Collaboration nor Knowledge Capture.
  • Email is a communication mechanism.
What we need is a way to evolve people from the traditional misuse of email as collaboration and supporting the hoarding of knowledge, towards more productive manners of collaboration, knowledge capture, expertise location and re-use of knowledge.

The Key word I use is 'evolving'.

What we don't need is yet another tool to add to our list of 'productivity' enhancements.
Rather we need an integrated way to 'entice' people from the inbox that they use today, to favour more productive ways of working - capturing knowledge, sharing expertise and collaborating - so that the number of emails decrease rather than increase.

In contrast have a look at the video on IBM MailNext below. Keep in mind that this preview is 7 months old, and has likely progressed significantly since then.

November 18th (US Time) is the day IBM's vision and announcement of the Future of eMail will be made public.

At that time you will see some dramatic changes being made in the 7 months since the launch of the initial video on the Future of email, with a true "Inbox that works for you".



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