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Innovation is about breakthrough ideas, not simply incremental change. Read about CA Technologies' approach to sourcing innovation from the Built to Change Summit.

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Otto Berkes, EVP and CTO at CA Technologies, made a great presentation during their Built to Change Summit to share their holistic approach to sourcing innovation.

Their approach uses several distinct models:

  • Core business unit product development:
    • Organic software design and development.
    • More than 40% of 11,000 employees are involved in engineering and software.
  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A):
    • Bolster key capabilities of gain new positions in adjacent markets.
    • Continuous scout new opportunities.
    • This includes technology asset acquisition and acqui-hires.
  • Ecosystem:
    • Partnerships and strategic alliances with a broad range of technology companies.
    • Open Source standards and tech ecosystem participation.
    • University and research funding.
  • Internal Accelerator:
    • A formal program for innovation sourcing leveraging lean start-up principles.
    • Tailored to optimize early-stage businesses.
    • Portfolio approach for coverage.
  • External Accelerator:
    • External fund investment in private technology venture funds.
    • Early radar system on M&A, tech trends, and talent.
    • Partnership with other external incubators.

Their operating principles include:

  • Maniacal customer focus.
  • Small, incremental investment.
  • Rapid experimentation and iteration.
  • Learn and pivot quickly.
  • Staged evaluation and disciplined governance following lean principles:
    • Monthly “pivot, pause, persist” reviews.
    • Minimize cost.
    • Drive focus.
    • Increase odds of success.

CA is seeing great opportunities in areas such as Containers/Microservices, DevOps, IoT, Organizational Productivity, and Big Data Analytics, AI, ML. 

The results have been 10 new projects, one of which (Project Jarvis) has already graduated from the accelerator and is being integrated into CA products:

  • Project Jarvis is an advanced analytics engine embedded in CA products.
    • Problem: Companies struggle to find value in the vast and fast-growing ocean of data that surrounds them.
    • Solution: Analytics-driven applications that solve specific business problems by applying advanced analytics, data science, machine learning and other data-centric technologies and techniques to generate measurably better business outcomes.
    • Addresses three personas: data engineers (data collectors), data scientists (analytics engine), and application developers (data-driven apps).
  • Yipee.io is a modeling tool for container-based DevOps.
    • Problem: Containerization is complex and messy. It’s difficult to realize DevOps value.
    • Solution:  Visual modeling tool bridges development and operations – WYSIWYG for microservices.
  • Qubeship.io provides continuous delivery (CD) of container-based apps via proven workflows.
    • Problem: Lots of hype, many decisions to make about an ever-increasing number of tools.
    • Solution: CD via proven, container-native workflows.
  • FreshTracks.io provides next generation, container-centric modeling.
    • Problem: Containers are transient making monitoring a nightmare.
    • Solution: Seamless observability for development and operations. Monitoring as code.
  • Cabot Is a chatbot for DevOps site reliability engineers.
    • Problem: Currently conducting interviews with reliability engineers to fully define.
  • CodePilot.ai is a developer co-pilot powered by deep learning.
    • Problem: Most of the code being written has been written before.
    • Solution: Streamline the time it takes to find the code needed in your current project.
  • Waffle is smart and simple management for GitHub.
    • Problem: Developers waste time or lose context by manually updating the status of their work.
    • Solution: Listens to the actions in the developer’s workflow to know when work is started, ready for review, or finished and updates your status automatically.
  • KnowThings.io is a virtualization tool for IoT devices, gateways, and protocols.
    • Replaces simulators, emulators, and expensive labs.
  • InstantAgenda helps run leaner, more productive meetings.
    • Problem: Unproductive meetings.
    • Solution: Prepares and shares agendas, provides facilitation guidance, captures meeting notes, action items, and decisions in real time and sends a summary to all participants.
  • WhoZoo enables employees to find and connect with the right people in their organization.
    • Problem: Large geographically distributed workforces are constantly changing as are the subject matter experts (SMEs).
    • Solutions: Self-learning map to the human beings in your organization.
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