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Digital Innovation for Intrapreneurs and Entrepreneurs

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Digital Innovation for Intrapreneurs and Entrepreneurs

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During CA Technology's Built to Change Summit, Otto Berkes, EVP and CTO, shared CA's commitment to digital innovation via:

  • Core business unit products.
  • Mergers and acquisitions (eight acquisitions over the past two years — most recently Automic and Veracode).
  • Ecosystem focused on digital innovation.
  • Internal accelerator supporting intrapreneurs (CA employees).
  • External accelerator supporting entrepreneurs.

Innovation is about breakthroughs, not simply incremental change. The operating principles for CA include:

  • Maniacal customer focus.
  • Small incremental investments.
  • Rapid experimentation and innovation.
  • Learn and pivot quickly.
  • Staged evaluation and disciplined governance following lean principles.
  • Monthly pivot, pause, persist meetings.

To date, this has resulted in:

  • Waffle.io: project management solution powered by your GitHub issues and pull requests.
  • Yipee.io: intelligent modeling for DevOps teams stampeded by microservice application complexity.
  • Instant Agenda: a web and mobile app for more productive meetings.
  • Qubeship.io: proven toolchains that speed up the time to production for Docker teams.
  • WhoZoo.io: dynamic, self-learning map to the human beings in your organization.
  • FreshTracks.io: monitoring and alerting systems for code and containers.
  • KnowThings.io: device prototypes and test beds that are as agile and available as the rest of the software pipeline.

Joav Bally, VP of Analytics shared how CA Accelerator had developed Project Jarvis a powerful alternative to these types of analytics-driven applications. These applications solve specific business problems by applying advanced analytics, data science, machine learning, and other data-centric technologies and techniques to generate measurably better business outcomes.

Jarvis enables developers to shift from generic analytics tools to massive data streams, apply machine learning, and present insights to users of the applications

Jarvis lifts the DIY burden on developers by providing:

  • An analytics engine.
  • Data science.
  • Domain expertise.
  • Data-driven applications.


  • Data engineers = Data collectors.
  • Data scientist = Analytics engine.
  • App developer = Data-driven apps.

Jarvis is purely API driven with data streaming into Java, which takes care of scalability and routing the data. It provides a virtual op center with green, yellow, red alerts, and recommendations on what action to take for each alert to reduce mean-time to resolution. 

Larry Aidem, CEO of Fandor, a streaming service with the largest collection of films, is using Jarvis to monitor audience engagement and using the data and analytics to know what audiences do and do not like as they strive to be "the Spotify of movies."

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