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The Dilemma of Socialising (Humanising) Business Processes or Automating Operations

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The Dilemma of Socialising (Humanising) Business Processes or Automating Operations

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Has the renewed focus on knowledge management practices that are now possible social business technologies, causing us to take our eye of the operational side of business?
Certainly building communities of practice within businesses to share ideas and knowledge, and extending the same concepts to clients and suppliers as communities of influence are providing significant benefits.
But, the trend focusing upon working smarter is always preceded with a statement that people can't work any harder - That we have automated or streamlined all the processes we can and hence we need to turn towards a smarter workforce, but is that really the case? 
Have we in fact re-engineered and automated as much as we can?
If we have there is an underlying assumption that the internal processes and automation are at their most effective now, even as we change them through making them more 'social' and humanising them more.
Or are we at risk of allowing the pendulum to swing too far towards 'humanising' business processes, to the detriment of ignoring or glossing over the benefits of process automation?
Office and process automation must remain on the agenda more so as we undergo these Social changes. Particularly now with the advent of Mobile Technologies that may possibly extend workfow and traditional automation practices far beyond what we thought possible previously.
Processes will evolve, that is certain.
Likewise benefits will arise from refocusing upon business process re-engineering and automation just as it always has.  The two must go together more so now than ever before with the emergence of Mobile as a way of life.
I have had the pleasure of working with a number of independent software developers who see the light and are re-focusing upon Business Process automation from a mobile perspective, naturally adding in the social component. The future is indeed bright for these developers in ASEAN.
My Message is simple.

Don't overlook the simple ways of gaining real productivity and effectiveness benefits through automation in the scramble to 'socialise" everything.

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