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Discover Bluetooth Devices Around You

Pys60 has good bluetooth support from the beginning.
However, to discover another device, it require you to
interact with the app, choosing a device from the list.
PDIS has a library that help you list all devices silently.

# need to install these 2 modules from PDIS first
import aosocketnativenew
from aosocket.symbian.bt_device_discoverer import *

def callback(error, devices, cb_param=None):
    for address, name in devices:      
        print "Found: ", name, address
# You can get more data by importing socket and try 
# bt_discover(address) or bt_obex_discover(address)
# see details in official pys60 doc on socket module

lister = BtDeviceLister()
lister.discover_all(callback, None)

I summarize the code above from thejamo's example here.
His code is more complete with error checking.
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