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Discover The Way To A Winning Mobile Application Idea

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Discover The Way To A Winning Mobile Application Idea

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An outstanding application idea can transform the apps world and serve as an example for other apps. A smart application can transform the way apps are perceived. Prior to beginning to create an application for a target audience, it is essential to research the application idea well.

The apps development process must start with validating the application idea. This validation must prove that the application is worth investing the time, money, and effort. It also helps in focusing efforts on application development. Application idea validation helps in creating a winning application.

You might be wondering what validating the application idea is about. Once you have been through this blog post you will completely understand the process. In this post, I am presenting key points which serve as a guide for helping you validate your application idea, which will make your successful application dream idea come true.

Let’s first go through the steps involved in the validation process.


The primary step involved in justifying your concept for new application is researching the idea well.

  • Application Store: You need to explore the App Store to know if there is already an application serving the purpose that your prospective application aims to serve. You can also analyze the application reviews and ratings to short list good apps. In the comments you can look for opportunities for improvements in existing application and come up with a revolutionary application idea.
  • Search Engine: Start by creating a list of keywords which can be used to define your idea. These keywords can be used in search engine to trace similar apps. Note down the apps and websites that are displayed around the topic in traditional search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Later go through these apps and try to list their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Facebook Groups: Another place where you can research for apps akin to yours is Facebook Groups. Some groups which are relevant to your idea can help you trace prospective problems with existing apps and help you come up with an innovative solution to their problem. You can also join that group and get more insight into your application idea as it helps you know the requirements of your prospective customer.

Discussion With Resources:

Application Idea Having Too Much Competition:

Once you have completed research, you need to decide if your idea is worth working upon. If there is a lot of competition from quality applications then you can shift to another application idea or try to find a USP in your application concept.

Application Idea with Less Competition:

If you notice that there are not many apps in competition with your prospective idea you can go ahead. Discuss this idea with your family and friends and note down their views and feedback. To derive an honest feedback you can ask pointed or specific questions including the following.

  • Would you download this application?
  • What did you find unique about this application?
  • Are you already using a similar application?

Feedback sought personally is better than that sought on social media. There are a number of other factors like body language, tone of the feedback, etc which can be considered to judge the view of the resource on your application concept.

Creating a Website:

Post the discussion with your resources, you will end up enhancing your application idea. However, before beginning the core mobile apps development  process, you need to create a landing page providing information on your application. This can be a very powerful tool to market your application and create awareness about it. Though the website can be simple and provide basic information, it mustn't miss out on the following points.

  • Give a brief description of application so that the target audience is eager to know in detail and also wait for the time when your application gets launched.
  • Email address collection form
  • Offer visitors to inform them on the launch of your application by seeking their email address. This way you can also gain their feedback during the mobile apps development process. You can provide an insight into the development stage to market your idea further.
  • Screenshots: These are effective in giving the users a visual glimpse into your application. Using graphic design software you can create early mockups to show how your mobile application will look. Take some screenshots after creating the basic interface. This will help you depict your application idea in the best way.

You must create a landing page and at this stage of mobile apps development process you must not focus on web hosting when there are tools available to create professional landing pages within few hours.

Share Your Website:

It is good to popularize your application idea long before the launch of the application to generate curiosity and eagerness among customers. It also helps to get useful feedback and make relevant improvements at the design stage itself.

With a Mailing List:

If you already have a mailing list, you can begin by informing them about your website which displays your application concept.

Without A Mailing List

If you don't have a mailing list, then use other ways such as sharing your website on social media, contacting owners of blogs or websites which belong to your application niche. Though these channels demand time, you will have to search for appropriate blogs and their contact information. If you ensure that your communication is professional, you will surely get an honest feedback.

Other options would include paid advertising on popular sites like Reddit, Twitter, Google, Facebook, etc.

No matter which option or method you choose to advertize your prospective mobile application you must ensure that you collect the email address of the site visitors so that you can engage them throughout the mobile apps development process. Feedback during the early stages can help you create an impeccable application.

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