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Oracle is the most popular database software provider in the world. Their database software product is capable of assisting you to collect a lot of data and manipulate it as one unit. The Oracle database allows you to store and retrieve information. This software is normally installed in a server computer. Once there, it can solve the data storage challenges facing an entire organization. An Oracle database is fully capable of working in a multiuser environment. This means that there are many individual users accessing this information at the same time. This service is provided at a high performance rate. The database server prevents people from accessing it without the required authority. In addition to that, it provides you with solutions for recovery in case of a failure.

The Oracle database software is designed for use in enterprise grid computer systems. This is a very flexible and affordable way to manage data and software in a company or an organization. Through enterprise computing, a large group of servers and modular storage units that are all tuned to industry standards can be managed and maintained. Thanks to grid architecture, a new system can be built such that the components are combined quickly and effectively. In grid computing, peak workloads are avoided. This is because capacity is added quickly and resources can be allocated anywhere anytime.

The Oracle database system has both physical and logical structures. These types are separate. As such, the storage of data physically can be done without blocking access to any of the two structures. This database system is used by many companies and organizations due to its broad array of features. These features include:

  1. Automatic Storage and management of data
  2. An NFS client that is direct
  3. The use of real application clusters

Automatic Management and Storage of Data

This is a feature of the Oracle database system that arranges data equally across all available storage disks. By doing this, the feature gets rid of all possible hotspots and ensures that the overall system is working at a uniform rate. It is a feature that makes the overall database system easier to manage.

When storing a lot of data, it is very important to manage how you allocate space to this data. Effective and efficient storage allows your system to run faster and saves on storage resources. The ASM feature in Oracle helps you to do just that. This feature allows for high availability of data when required. Also, it replaces the old systems of data management such as raw disks, volume management software as well as filing systems.

Direct NFS Client

This feature of the Oracle database allows the system to accept data from NAS software for example NetApp. Thanks to a direct client architecture, there is an increase of 50% in the data throughput in NAS software environments. The feature allows a 20% saving on CPU usage. The direct NFS client will work with Windows and UNIX/Linux operating systems quite effectively.

Real Application Clusters (RAC)

These are features that work to increase or promote the scalability of the database. Mostly applied in SAP environments, the RACs work to improve the index partitioning as well as table arrangement in the database. Thanks to these features, the I/O systems are well managed and the memory of the system is also improved. In addition to that, the performance of the CPU is increased due to less workload.

These features allow you to perform high-tech data storage in Oracle database systems. As such, they are part of what makes Oracle so appealing. Here are some other benefits of using the Oracle software system to manage your databases.

Benefits of Using Oracle

It Is Very Portable

Oracle is exceptionally portable. It can run on up to 100 different hardware setups. In addition to that, it will work on up to 20 different networking arrangements. Due to this portability and versatility, the Oracle database software will survive any changes in hardware and software settings made in a computer system. This makes it a good long-term investment. It will also work on any Operating System (OS).

It Is Well Known and Supported in the Market

Oracle Company is the largest vendor of RDBMS. This company takes innovation very seriously. This is because they spend more money than the revenue of their competitors on Research & Development (R&D). They have the largest market share of Windows, Linux and Macintosh operating systems. In addition to that, they have hundreds of thousands of third party interfaces. As such, this database software has exceptional market clout and influence. Many providers of DBA services utilize this software for their clients. Thus, you can be sure of a genuine product with immense community support.

Highly Reliable Data Backup and Recovery System

One of the major strengths of the Oracle database system is that they have a data backup and recovery system that has industrial strength proportions. The system can easily tolerate disk failure in the hardware of the computer. An interesting feature that it can do is point-in-time recovery of data. As long as you have archive files and the required storage space, Oracle will recover any data at any point in time in the life of your installation.

High-Speed Performance and Tunability

An Oracle database is capable of very high-speed data saving and retrieval. It does not matter how big a database is; the software is capable of retrieving the data easily and effectively. The software can run at high speeds even when databases that have more than 100GB of data are involved. The performance is raw and can be tuned using tools and features such as transaction and data locking capability.

It Can Support Cursor Control

Oracle is one of the unique database software systems that support cursor control. By using Oracle, you can program it easier. The cursor allows you to process data row by row. This makes for a thorough, quick job. As a matter of fact, the Oracle software allows you to use many cursors concurrently.


Oracle is a high-performance, capable database software system. You can easily tune it and use it for data storage. It will work effectively in small, medium, and even large installations.

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