Discovering the Redis Universe! Redis Survey 2016

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Discovering the Redis Universe! Redis Survey 2016

The folks at Redis want to know how you use their product. Got some time? Take a survey to help them out (and possibly win prizes as a result).

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Redis is a swiss army knife! Some use it to power databases that need a scalability-tier OR as an in memory-database OR as a high speed transaction store with durability. Others use it for notifications, messaging, job & queue management, streaming OR other publish/subscribe type workloads. The list is long!

Last year, we learned a ton from the community survey! You can find many of the details on how Redis is spreading in usage from the 2015 survey results.

Redis is a unique database. A structure-database with consistency, durability, transactions and one that does not suffer the downsides of having to model data in either relational or documents structures. You don't have to compromise and pick one. It plays well with all data structures!

2016 has also been super exciting for Redis. With Redis modules, you will be able to add your own structures: JSON, XML, B+Tree, Skip-List or a complex messaging formats like HL7... Nothing is out of bounds!

This year, we have refreshed the survey to discover where you'd like to take Redis next! We invite all Redis geeks to share how they are using and how they like to use Redis. 2016 survey is designed to uncover how the usage has evolved. We are also asking comments on what new modules and features you’d like to see with Redis! We are going to publish the results here on DZone for all of you.

As an added bonus, we are giving away 10 gift cards that have $25 gift cards between Oct. 4-30 2016. Take the survey and tell us what we should do with Redis next!

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