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Discussion: Why Web Designers Often Use PHP Over ASP.NET?

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Discussion: Why Web Designers Often Use PHP Over ASP.NET?

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Some time ago my colleague asked me "I like to read blogs about webdesign, but why are they mostly PHP-oriented?". Huh, really, why? Ihaven't thought about it seriously before. When you think about webdesign your first thought might be Photoshop, but it shouldn't belimited only to it. What I mean by "web design" here is a completeprocess of creating graphics and coding to xHTML/CSS with understandingof front-end development.

Before I start I just want to say that I don't want this to be"ASP.NET vs. PHP" article, neither will I compare these technologies.So, I don't care if someone prefers one over another, there are tons ofarticles about that. I just want to try to give my opinion and try toget answers, with your help, of course.


The first thing that came up to my mind was that PHP is quite simplelanguage comparing to ASP.NET (.NET actually) which is a completeframework that offers a wide range of possibilities (yeah I made acomparison). Maybe PHP has a simple learning curve comparing toASP.NET, but why would web designers care for data access layer or OOPanyway? But on the other hand, it doesn't mean that web designersshould limit their selves just to PHP. Why not be familiar with othertechnologies as well?

The other thing that might be important is that PHP was always free,unlike ASP.NET (when I say ASP.NET I mean software needed). However,today you can build rich ASP.NET applications for free. You have Visual Web Developer, Visual C# and SQL Server Express which are all free. And not only that, you can download Web Platform Installer that will install all (yes, I mean ALL) necessary software for ASP.NET development. So, no more excuses :)

At the end, I think there is a lack of web design blogs/articles thatare ASP.NET oriented. Seriously, how many such web design blogs do youknow? Only a few, really. Few weeks ago I noticed that NETTUTS wants to give more attention to ASP.NET.So if you have a good quality articles you can send them. There arealready a few ASP.NET articles there. Anyway I am thinking to start"Learn ASP.NET from scratch" series that would be easy to understandfor web designers but also interesting for experienced ASP.NETdevelopers as well.

A question

Those are just my guesses. They might be true, might be just a part ofthe entire story, or might be completely wrong. And that's why I'minterested in your opinion! If you are a web designer, what technologydo you use? And what are your experience if you are web developer?

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