DJ Native Swing 0.9.8 - Web Browser, Flash Player and More

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DJ Native Swing 0.9.8 - Web Browser, Flash Player and More

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DJ Native Swing allows to easily integrate some native components into Swing applications, and provides some native utilities to enhance Swing's APIs.

 Web browserFlash player

 media playerHTML editor


The main focus is the integration of a native Web Browser and Flash Player using a Swing-like API. Nevertheless, it also offers other useful components like a multimedia player (based on VLC), an HTML editor (using FCKeditor or TinyMCE) and a Syntax Highlighter.
All the threading issues and general integration headaches are handled automatically. It also allows to mix lightweight and heavyweight components without major visual problems.

Native Swing: http://djproject.sourceforge.net/ns
Screenshots: http://djproject.sourceforge.net/ns/screenshots
Webstart Demo: http://djproject.sourceforge.net/ns/DJNativeSwing-SWTDemo.jnlp

The Webstart demo is configured to work on Windows. It also works on Linux (GTK, x86/i386) where XULRunner is installed. Note that this demo is part of the release distribution.

It uses SWT under the hood, and thus should work everywhere SWT allows to be placed inside a Swing component. To get the web browser to work on Linux, follow the FAQ on SWT's website (XULRunner may be required).
DJ Native Swing is licensed under LGPL and requires Java 5 or later.

Note that it is a sub-project of the DJ Project ( http://djproject.sourceforge.net ), which is a set of tools and libraries to enhance the user experience of Java on the Desktop.

This release adds cookie management to the JWebBrowser, updates the JVLCPlayer API and fixes many bugs.



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