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DJ Swing Suite 0.9.1 - Components and Utilities for Swing


DJ Swing Suite provides some components and utilities that are often needed or greatly help the creation of rich Swing user interfaces.

The components include among other things, combo buttons, tri-state check boxes, links, extended label (selectable/multi-line) and text/number fields with support for validation, notification tips formatters and masks.
The utilities bring features like auto-scroll with middle mouse click, table columns auto fit, or wildcard expresions conversion.

Combo buttons
Tri-state check boxes
LinksText and Number Fields


Swing Suite: http://djproject.sourceforge.net/swingsuite
Screenshots: http://djproject.sourceforge.net/swingsuite/screenshots
Webstart Demo: http://djproject.sourceforge.net/swingsuite/DJSwingSuite-Demo.jnlp

The demo applications shows all the capabilities along with the corresponding source code. This demo is also part of the official release distribution.

DJ Swing Suite is licensed under LGPL and requires Java 5 or later.

Note that it is a sub-project of the DJ Project, which is a set of tools and libraries to enhance the user experience of Java on the Desktop.

This release is the initial release.


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