DJI Drone Development [Video]

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DJI Drone Development [Video]

Want to learn more about the new DJI drone development? Check out this post on the new automated drone missions in iOS.

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The initial idea for Dronoway, the outcome of our experiment, was to conduct automated drone missions. First of all, we chose an iOS app to control our Mavic and machine learning part (embedded in the app) to decide if the machine had enough battery to conduct the mission. If not, it should return home and continue the plan from where it stopped:

That’s an inspiring project, isn’t it? Let’s collect our resources on how to go about playing with flying toys:

Step 1: Sign up for a developer account at DJI Developer

Step 2: Check out the documentation at DJI Mobile SDK and all the sample projects:

Step 3: Integrate into your own projects, most conveniently with these CocoaPods:

  • DJI-SDK-iOS: “the DJI Mobile SDK for iOS, supporting both Objective C and Swift”
  • DJI-UILibrary-iOS 4: “a suite of product agnostic UI objects that fast-tracks the development of iOS applications using the DJI Mobile SDK”

Also, check all the goodies at DJI-SDK on Github. In particular, note that the hardware video decoding component can found in DJIWidget here and questions tagged dji-sdk can be found on StackOverflow.

Any other fun stuff you’ve stumbled across for DJI drones? Let us know!

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