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Do Developers Use NoSQL Because They're Too Lazy to Use RDBMS Correctly?

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Looks like link sharing sites finally found and discussed this blog post titled "MongoDB Days" back in April.  The author says that the problem with MongoDB and other NoSQL stores are many of the community members.  

These kids think they’re solving problems that IBM (et al) solved quite literally before they were born in some cases, and the features are probably already there in your existing database/technology stack (I have used Oracle for my rebuttals just because I am most familiar with it, but I expect the same is true for SQL Server and DB/2 as well). Talk to your friendly local DBA…

-- Gaius, Author

And now you see why relational databases are still the standard in a vast majority http://db-engines.com/en/ranking of IT firms.  Because they've solved a lot of problems in the past.

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