Do You Have Visibility Into What’s Happening in IT?

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Do You Have Visibility Into What’s Happening in IT?

Jenkins provides 985 plugins to support building and testing virtually any project.

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I had the opportunity to talk with Brad Johnson the new vice president of product marketing at CloudBees.

CloudBees is helping optimize open source Jenkins for the more than 160,000 deployments using it for Continuous Integration (CI), and is working to help developers and DevOps teams use Jenkins for Continuous Delivery (CD) as well.

The QA market, where Brad spent more than seven years before joining CloudBees, has been an unbiased black box validation and verification space. That’s changing; it’s now being integrated into the development and delivery process.

Testing increasingly needs to be the responsibility of engineers and we’re expecting engineers to understand all of the different operations related to architecture. This can be challenging for engineers as many of the aspects of how applications operate in real-world scenarios have been left to test and operations teams to determine

There’s a lot of psychology involved with the evolution from waterfall to agile to DevOps. Testers and QA engineers are naturally curious and pessimistic always considering how to build the appropriate test for the code that’s being developed by the developers who are concerned with producing solid code that solves a business problem.

Over time, terms like agile and DevOps will just evolve to IT as more automated tools become available to facilitate CI, DevOps and CD. A key will be showing the enterprise the value of overseeing the CI production pipeline. This oversight will serve as the baseline for the measurement of future integrations.

From Brad’s perspective, CI opens the door for DevOps which ultimately leads to CD where CI is the achievement of a development standard, DevOps is a culture, a practice, and a process while CD is a continuous pipeline of developed products, apps and code.

Jenkins is an open source product that offers a continuous integration platform that can be plugged in the cloud or on premise.  CloudBees certifies and extends Jenkins with plugins for security, management and visibility for customers who require a validated platform that supports enterprise-scale Continuous Delivery.

What are you using to give you visibility into IT? 

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