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Do you know how to move the Team Foundation Server cache

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Do you know how to move the Team Foundation Server cache

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There are a number of reasons why you may want to change the folder that you store the TFS Cache. It can take up “some” amount of room so moving it to another drive can be beneficial. This is the source control Cache that TFS uses to cache data from the database.

Moving the Cache is pretty easy and should allow you to organise your server space a little more efficiently. You may also get a performance improvement (although small) by putting it on another drive..

  1. Create a new directory to store the Cache. e.g. “d:\TfsCache\”

  2. Give the local TFS WPG group full control of the directory

    Figure: You need to use the App Tier service WPG

  3. In the application tier web.config (~\Application Tier\Web Services\web.config) add the following setting (to the appSettings section).

    <add value="D:\" key="dataDirectory" />

The app pool will automatically recycle and Team Web Access will start using the new location. 

If you then download a file (not via a proxy) a folder with a GUID should be created immediately in the folder from #1.  If the folder doesn’t appear, then you probably don’t have permissions set up properly.

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