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I love to cycle.  There are few better feelings in life than scaling a mountain somewhere in the Dolomites.  The feeling of exertion and exhilaration combined with some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere in the world create a buzz like no other.

This is no flash in the pan however, for the passion lasts throughout the entire year.  I avidly consume resources and information on how to train more effectively or how my diet can be improved.  I religiously follow the major races on the pro circuit.  The passion for cycling piques my curiosity for it, and I seek out ways to do it better.

Through the course of this I naturally seek out others who share this passion with me, be that online via the many cycling forums and networks, or offline via clubs and activities.  These connections inevitably involve a constant flow of advice and feedback.  Knowledge courses between participants, each one seeking to help and improve in equal measure.

This desire correlates easily with a desire for new challenges.  Whether this is gradual improvements in training or new mountains to ride each summer somewhere in Europe.  What might prove stressful for someone that does not share such a passion actually becomes exhilarating for those that do.

Imagine therefore, if you can tap into that level of passion for your work each day.  Imagine if all of your employees have that level of energy and excitement each morning when they come into work.

It’s difficult to imagine a social business existing without that level of passion and excitement.  Social business relies on employees having the curiosity and drive that so often accompanies passion in order to seek out those of like mind, to help and develop one another and to meet the rapidly shifting challenges we face at work each day.

I’m fortunate that the work I do fosters the same kind of feelings as cycling does.  Does yours?

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