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Do You Really Practice Agile and Continuous Delivery? Claims vs Reality

So many teams claim to be agile or performing devops; unsuprisingly this is far from the truth.

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An interesting side effect of the hype surrounding automated methodologies like agile, DevOps and continuous delivery, is that organizations often claim they are adopting a methodology, but upon further scrutiny, it turns out they are not.

Another recent indication of this was a survey, “Testing Trends in 2016: A Survey of Software Professionals” conducted by Sauce Labs which revealed that while 88 percent of organizations say they have adopted agile development, only 20% had fully implemented practices typically associated with a mature agile development process when it comes to testing.

We ran into a similar phenomenon last year when conducting a survey “In Database Automation we trust.” While a third (34%) of the respondents believed that they were implementing Continuous Delivery for their database changes, based on the questions they answered, only 13% overall were actually performing basic Continuous Delivery practices for the database. The number one reason for not practicing was mistrust in database automation.

This lack of automation processes for the database is surprising considering two-thirds of companies are making frequent database changes. In response to the question of how often their organization makes changes to the database, 32% said daily and 37% responded weekly. Frequent changes bring inherent risk, while agile best practices have been proven to reduce those risks and increase overall efficiency.

What do you think is the main reason for the discrepancy between claims of automation and the reality?

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