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Docker 1.1 Released with a New "Ignore" Feature

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Docker 1.1 Released with a New "Ignore" Feature

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This minor update comes following the major 1.0 release, and while it's not exactly a major update, it still brings new functionality to Docker that reflects a great deal of attention from the developer team to community feedback. The request for the new feature, the ability to ignore a directory when deploying a build through Docker, was spurned by a long github thread. This comment is cited:



Thank you jellybob, you're making a lot of developers very happy. There's some other update notes that are worth knowing about, including:

  1. Containers are now paused when a commit is made.
  2. A developer can now tail the logs of a container.
  3. A tar archive can now be passed to `docker build` as context.

This update contains improvements through the entire Docker ecosystem--and it's both impressive and hopeful to see this kind of broad attention within a minor update so close in time to a major release. Good on them.

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