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Docker 1.3 Releases with Security, Signed Images, and Process Injection

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Docker 1.3 Releases with Security, Signed Images, and Process Injection

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Docker, the ever-popular containerization tool, released Docker 1.3 today. This latest version includes over 750 new commits, and has many new capabilities and enhancements. Among these are:

  1. Digital Signature Verification—The latest version of Docker Engine "automatically verifies the provenance and integrity of all Official Repos using digital signatures".
  2. Inject new processes—a tool "which allows a user to spawn a process inside their Docker container via the Docker API and CLI."
  3. Tune container lifecycles—allows for "finer-grained management of container lifecycles."
  4. New security options—these new flags allow users to run docker-in-docker, which "significantly reduces the surface area of potential threats."
  5. Shared directories on Mac OS X—it speaks for itself, you can now share directories between the Mac OS and various containers.

For more details on this version release, take a look at the GitHub 1.3 milestone issues and pull requests.

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