Docker Daemon Log With Docker for Mac

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Docker Daemon Log With Docker for Mac

This tutorial gives you several quick step-by-step methods of setting up logging on Docker for Mac, which is now in general beta.

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Did you know that Docker for Mac is now in general beta?


What is Docker for Mac?

Docker for Mac is a native Mac application architected from scratch, with a native user interface and auto-update capability, deeply integrated with OS X native virtualization

If you are using Docker Machine, then you can SSH to the machine using docker-machine ssh <machine-name> command and find the logs at /var/log/docker.

As Docker for Mac provides a native integration with Mac, the logs also can be found using the natural tools.

Mac Console for Docker Daemon Logs

Console is a utility available in the Applications -> Utilities log viewer included with macOS. It allows users to search through all of the system's logged messages and can alert the user when certain types of messages are logged. The console allows you to read the system logs, help find certain ones, monitor them, and filter their contents.

File -> New System Log Quer


Give the query a name and set Sender to docker. Click on OK to save the query:


Now the daemon logs can be easily seen here.

Now Console Log Query can be used to search logs, filter the results in various ways, and create reports.

Docker Daemon Log using CLI

You are not a GUI type of person and prefer a CLI approach, then use syslog CLI. The command to see Docker daemon log is:

syslog -k Sender Docker

And it shows the output as:

Jul611:49:17Aruns-MacBook-Pro Docker[78]<Notice>:com.docker.vmnetd starting
Jul816:37:52Aruns-MacBook-Pro Docker[11733]<Notice>:Application version:1.12.0-rc3-beta18(9969)
Jul816:37:52Aruns-MacBook-Pro Docker[11733]<Notice>:OSX Version:Version10.11.3(Build15D21)
Jul816:37:52Aruns-MacBook-Pro Docker[11733]<Notice>:migrator:start migration process


Jul816:38:49Aruns-MacBook-Pro Docker[11811]<Notice>:transfused:mount/bin/fusermount-oallow_other,max_read=1048576,subtype=osxfs/Mac
Jul816:38:49Aruns-MacBook-Pro Docker[11812]<Notice>:Using protocol TwoThousand msize8192
Jul816:38:57Aruns-MacBook-Pro Docker[11814]<Notice>:Docker isresponding
Jul816:38:57Aruns-MacBook-Pro Docker[11813]<Notice>:VM started at2016-07-0816:38:57-0700PDT
Jul816:38:57Aruns-MacBook-Pro Docker[11795]<Notice>:dockerState=Starting

Use syslog -help to find all the options for this CLI.

Docker Daemon Log File

If you really want the hardcore way, then the log files are available at:


Check out the complete details here.

What is holding you back from using Docker for Mac?


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