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Docker Platform and Ecosystem: Build, Ship, and Run Distributed Applications

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Docker Platform and Ecosystem: Build, Ship, and Run Distributed Applications

Learn about the state of the Docker ecosystem and get a practical explanation of how you can harness it right now.

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Learn how to migrate and modernize stateless applications and run them in a Kubernetes cluster.

Get the inside look at the best pracitices and patterns for building and running distributed apps with the tools in the Docker ecosystem, from a speaker who really knows his stuff since he works for Docker.

Video Description:

"In 2 years, Docker hit the sweet spot for devs and ops, with tools to build, ship and run distributed apps architected as a set of collaborating microservices packaged as Linux containers.

The last few months have seen very fast innovation by Docker and its in the ecosystem, up, down, around and in the stack:

  • In: Docker now has a native container network model, making it easier to build distributed applications.
  • Around: Docker plugin system defines extension points for volumes and networking. I will describe the various plugins that have been developed and their capabilities.
  • Down: the Open Container Project defines a standard for container image format, and the runC project is a reference implementation of this standard, giving you fine grained control on how you can run your containers and more advanced features like user namespaces and checkpoint/restore. Docker is going to be built on top of runC.
  • Up: Docker orchestration is a fast moving landscape with players like Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, or Mesos.

The talk will be peppered with demos of how these tools can help developers build, ship and run microservice based applications."

Join us in exploring application and infrastructure changes required for running scalable, observable, and portable apps on Kubernetes.

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