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Docker Registry With a Let's Encrypt Certificate

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Docker Registry With a Let's Encrypt Certificate

Save the whales! Learn how to protect your Docker files from pesky container security threats by generating an encryption certificate.

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A one-liner to run an SSL Docker registry generating a Let's Encrypt certificate.

This command will create a registry proxying the Docker hub, caching the images in a registry volume.

A Lets' Encrypt certificate will be auto-generated and stored in the host directory as letsencrypt.json. You could also use a Docker volume to store it.

In order for the certificate generation to work, the registry needs to be accessible from the internet in port 443. After the certificate is generated that's no longer needed.

docker run -d -p 443:5000 --name registry \
  -v `pwd`:/etc/docker/registry/ \
  -v registry:/var/lib/registry \
  -e REGISTRY_HTTP_HOST=https://docker.example.com \
  -e REGISTRY_HTTP_TLS_LETSENCRYPT_CACHEFILE=/etc/docker/registry/letsencrypt.json \
  -e REGISTRY_PROXY_REMOTEURL=https://registry-1.docker.io \

You can also create a config.yml in this directory and run the registry using the file instead of environment variables.

version: 0.1
  host: https://docker.example.com
      cachefile: /etc/docker/registry/letsencrypt.json
      email: admin@example.com
  remoteurl: https://registry-1.docker.io

Then run:

docker run -d -p 443:5000 --name registry \
  -v `pwd`:/etc/docker/registry/ \
  -v registry:/var/lib/registry \

If you want to use this as a remote repository and not just for proxying, remove the proxy entry in the configuration.

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