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Document Management in the Salesforce Cloud with Drawloop

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I’m going through my notes and materials from the Dreamforce event, and doing some research into different possibilities for Mimeo print integration with Salesforce.com. One of the more established document management solutions for Salesforce.com is Drawloop.

Drawloop is a platform for document creation and automation for businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals that runs in the cloud. Drawloop merges data into dynamic document packages or (DDP™). A DDP includes one or more documents that will be merged with data and packaged into one single document for delivery.

Drawloop enables Salesforce users to click a button to create dynamic document packages (DDPs™) using data from multiple objects, including custom objects and product line items from on the Salesforce platform.

In addition to Salesforce integration, they offer another application called Mail Merge for Google Docs, that allows users to customize and manage document creation within Google Docs, and is ideal for document packages such as sales proposals, quotes, contracts, service agreements, presentations, and any other documents critical to selling or supporting a business’ products and/or services.

The Drawloop platform also has an API allowing developers to merge, convert and combine documents across the web. Drawloop supports document conversion in the following formats: Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Adobe PDF, XML, Microsoft Visio, JPEG, PNG, BMP, URLs.

Conversion is the most obvious use of the API, but it also provides a programmatic way to combine files from multiple documents or URL into a single PDF or other format document, prior to sending, storing or printing. The Loop API provides conversion and merging capabilities, but also provides document management solutions for applications that need to offer Salesforce integration as well.

I’m adding the DrawLoop API to our list of Helper APIs, since they’ll most definitely help other developers in converting and combining documents, but also management documents on the Saleforce platform. I am also adding an idea to our database for integrating Drawloop with Mimeo Connect for printing and delivering dynamic document packages (DDPs™) from Drawloop using the Mimeo APIs.


Source: http://www.kinlane.com/2011/09/document-management-in-the-salesforce-cloud-with-drawloop/

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