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Does Agile App Development Really Have a Future?

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Does Agile App Development Really Have a Future?

Yes. Agile app development holds the future for only those companies that implement it in the right manner and aim to deliver their projects on time.

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If we were to answer that question, then probably we would name time as the only constraint. So, I am going to say that yes, Agile app development holds the future for only those companies that implement it in the right manner and aim to deliver their projects on time. Since its introduction in the industry in 2001, Agile has become a default standard by which a great software or an app is developed.

When Can You Use the Agile Model?

Agile methodology works best when the project considers the following characteristics:

Project Size

Agile works fabulously for small projects in which you can provide smaller modules in a shorter period of time in order to gradually finalize your product.

Project Complexity

Agile lets you build up a project when the customer has difficulties defining the requirements or the requirements are subject to change frequently. The platform lets you modify the changes with ease or build prototype ideas to iterate them back and forth with the customer to meet their requirements in a time-bound scale. That’s not it; it also helps break a big project into smaller modules and apply Agile to manage those parts individually.

Client’s Participation

Agile requires the client to be highly involved in the project development as the deliverables are to be produced in a short span of time covering multiple iterations and ideas flowing from both the client side and the development team.


Agile development empowers teams to be self-organized to accomplish a task. It is important to take into account if the team is geographically dispersed or co-located in order to understand the communication barriers that a client may face during the progress of the project.

Developer Team’s Experience

Agile app development is not for a new software development company because it takes time and effort to make every team member understand the processes involved and their contribution to the project.

Track Record Of Agile Projects

According to the Gut Check It blog, Agile projects showed the following gains:

  • Time: 37% faster time-to-market than average.

  • Efficiency: 16% higher productivity than average.

  • Quality: The defect rate was found to be equivalent to the traditional methods despite the shortened time window.

These are the metrics that define the success rate of a software development lifecycle. It was no surprise that the Standish Group reported that projects using the Agile methodology succeeded three times more often than projects that used the traditional methods.

What Future Holds for Agile Development?

We can safely say for those readers who are being critical of whether Agile development’s future- well it definitely holds a promising future. Although Scrum is the most popular Agile implementation, XP and Kanban continue to thrive.

Brands like Ixia and Apple are still thriving their business on the Agile development process and have proven to be an exception to those who think Agile does not hold the future. According to its CIO, Apple follows a development process that is very similar to the Scrum process.

The Scrum process is bound to evolve over time but is surely not going to die. As software teams look for ways to improve agility, they establish the new Generally Accepted Scrum Practices (GASP). Some of these new practices will merge into the mainstream practices of Scrum later on.

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