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Does the Cloud Perform Better Than Traditional Solutions? Find Out!

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Does the Cloud Perform Better Than Traditional Solutions? Find Out!

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While many have claimed that cloud computing offers a great user experience, few studies have actually tested the data.  An interesting study of nine cloud platforms over a seven day period seeks to answer this question.  The material on the PDF is "dense," but worth a read-through.

Here's a list of takeaways from the bitcurrent site:

  • Regional effects matter tremendously, and the difference between countries can be significant.
  • Directing a regional client to the correct regionalized zone for a cloud provider does improve performance.
  • The average time to complete an HTTP request and receive a response, worldwide, was 426.4 milliseconds. The average availability worldwide was 97.69%.
  • While most cloud providers had roughly similar average availability, a closer analysis of percentiles shows that the worst-served visitors fared very differently. This underscores the importance of doing proper analysis on performance data.
  • End user information is an important complement to synthetic testing. While the results aren’t as consistent, they provide insight into the conditions of far-flung end users across a broad spectrum of networks and countries.
  • Given variance in cloud performance and availability by region and by day, it makes sense for serious cloud users to hedge their bets, and find ways to arbitrate cost and service quality across providers.

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