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Does Java Need a Major Security Overhaul to Survive?

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Does Java Need a Major Security Overhaul to Survive?

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Last week the Department of Homeland Security recommended that everyone disable Java in order to avoid major zero-day vulnerabilities. Apple blocked version and lower in OSX. Oracle  released an emergency patch on Sunday, urging all users to  update

According to Oracle, the most recent vulnerabilities only impact Java 7 (update 10 and earlier) running in web browsers - not servers or standalone applications -  but some security experts still recommend that Java users keep the software disabled for now, even after applying Sunday's update. 

This is the latest in a line of high-profile Java exploits, but unprecedented moves like those by Apple and DHS call Java's security into question on an increasingly public stage. Which makes you wonder: Does Java need a major security overhaul to survive? Should Java be disabled in all browsers? Is it more of a security vulnerability than it was three years ago? Is Oracle facing a Java "brand" crisis? Time will tell.

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