Does Remote Software Quality Assurance (QA) Really Work?

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Does Remote Software Quality Assurance (QA) Really Work?

With technological advancement, much work including QA is now being done via cloud-based platforms, on smartphones, and through mobile applications.

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Businesses in any industry, from manufacturing and construction to financial services and retail, have become increasingly dependent on technology, not just to succeed but to survive.

As a result, businesses cannot afford the potential losses of productivity and security breaches due to ineffective software testing. No enterprises have the luxury to ignore unexpected downtime from software failures. By not prioritizing quality assurance for business-critical applications, enterprises are essentially setting up their business-critical processes to fail.

 But despite all that, we know better than most that achieving effective software quality assurance and testing is not easy. With more advanced technology, testing has become increasingly complex, time-consuming, expensive, and often requires specialist skills, so it’s understandable that many businesses still get this wrong.

Getting it Right

Most businesses rely on consultancy services or some other external support for QA and testing. Businesses must seek a global software QA and testing partner who can provide all the expertise and support of an in-house QA team, whilst ensuring that the QA is handled strategically and integrated seamlessly in the software development lifecycle. QA is crucial in developing and launching successful best-in-class solutions.

But with the advancement in technology, much work including QA is now being done remotely via cloud-based platforms, on smartphones, and through sophisticated mobile applications.

Remote Working – Disrupting the Status Quo 

This trend-driven equally by the power of technology and recent market conditions has demonstrated that entire teams can now get as much work done, if not more, without being physically present at the location.

 So, when it comes to digital-first areas like software development, implementation, testing, and QA, is there any need to insist on the project team to work from the same location?

 With remote working comes several opportunities for positive change. Remote quality assurance, in particular, is becoming an increasingly effective strategy in today’s market condition. This removes the need to have consultant travel to a customer site to deliver support, reducing the time and cost taken for overall project completion. 

Avoid Business Disruption and Much More

 Remote working has seen many advantages over traditional ways of working. It limits or completely avoids business disruption and:

  • Cuts cost significantly, not just on QA services but a wide range of other overheads
  • Improves productivity by cutting down travel time, keeping employees safe
  • Improves flexibility and better work-life balance, with a renewed focus on “getting things done”
  • Removes limitations such as office hours, time-zones, and more, with services that are delivered on customer terms
  • Achieves faster completion of QA and testing
  • Accelerates overall time-to-market of software products
  • Enables access to a larger pool of resources, skills, expertise, and tools
  • Ensures business continues as usual regardless of any disruption specific to a region 

Transform Your Software QA Strategy

Many businesses are shifting to a more dynamic model and making the most of remote working. The ability for people to remain productive outside of the office and work from anywhere has encouraged many businesses to embrace the idea of a remote workforce, and it’s an idea that’s quickly becoming a reality. 

Look for a global software QA and testing partner who can provide all the benefits of an in-house QA team, all while staying remote, and supporting your business with core expertise.

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