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Don’t Let the Parse Shutdown Bog You Down

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Don’t Let the Parse Shutdown Bog You Down

Let’s take a look at why the Parse shutdown comes as a setback in terms of developing quality apps and what is the best alternative.

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The Parse shutdown comes as a major blow to the mobile app development community. Parse had certainly won our hearts with its clean interface, ease of use and affordability. It empowered several start-ups and indie developers across the globe. One of the most efficient Mobile Backend As A Service – MbaaS, it cut down the tedious tasks of numerous SQL queries that developers had to generate in order to connect their application to a Database. Let’s take a look at why the shutdown comes as a setback in terms of developing quality apps and what is the best alternative.

Why Was Parse Popular?

Maintaining and handling a database calls for dedicated backend developers that write codes and control the DB and the servers. Parse was an MBaaS which did all of that for you.

Its MongoDB NoSQL database gave you the freedom to focus on the business logic of your app.

  • Robust Object to Object Mapping:- You don’t need to create tables or store data, parse does it for you . All you had to do was create your object and it would be stored on the server. It supported multiple data types and facilitated relation between various objects just like an RDBMS database.
  • Manage Users:- Since mobile apps have users associated to it, the ParseUser is a class that helps manage and store user data. The User class that Parse provided had built-in methods that made it easier to incorporate popular user –related functions – sign up, login, etc.
  • No SQL:– The biggest advantage was managing a DB without worrying about the SQL codes. It provided a local datastore enabling developers to store the data locally without the use of an SQLite DB.
  • Pricing: - The best part about this service was that it was free until your app was a major hit. You would be charged only after your app hits the server more than 30 times in a second. This gave freelancers and indie developers ample choice.
  • Easy to store Audio, image and video files:- These files can be stored on the server using the ParseFile class.

With the official announcement by Facebook stating that Parse would be completely shut down by January 28, 2017, there is a need for an efficient alternative - an alternative that offers everything that Parse does and much more.

Here’s where Configure.IT fits the glove:

Configure.IT is one of the most robust mobile app development platforms that help developers create and manage complex mobile applications on their own. Unlike Parse it does not limit the developer to building simple applications, the platform empowers dynamic and complex applications giving the developer complete control and flexibility throughout.

Why Migrate to Configure.IT?

Let’s take a look at what the platform has to offer:

  • Cross-platform compatibility – It allows you to create applications that run on both iOS and Android systems from a single interface. You get the freedom to use same capabilities for both the ecosystems.
  • From Prototypes to complex apps – The platform enables you to take an idea and build small prototypes and also extend it into a full-blown complex application that meets all your requirements.
  • Enjoy the power of Native – Build using Obj-C, Swift and Java without the need for any wrappers or HTML 5. Leverage the power of native systems to create applications on both android and iOS.
  • Reusability and fast iterations – the platform is specifically designed to help save time and give developers the upper hand by enabling them to reuse blocks of codes as and when necessary.

Why Configure.IT Is Better Than Any Other Platform ?

An illustration of how the Configure.IT works will throw more light on what a fabulous system it is.

The entire process of developing applications can be divided into the following categories:

  • Database – The most important part of any application is the database and how it is managed. Configure.IT lets you create complex databases using their Smart DB Design Tool. The tool lets you create a DB which can be easily altered and can employ more control and standards. You can create relational database tables that follow unified standards making it easy for anyone to interpret it. You can also import data from existing MySQL database making it easy to jumpstart your project.
  • API Builder – The API builder is a unique feature that lets you visually apply the logic of your application using flow charts and actions to connect data from different sources. It also has a visual query builder eliminating the hassles of complex rules and syntax. You can also apply custom logic to your program using the condition and loop control structures. The API also enables you to develop CRUD web services with a click of a button.
  • Data Panel – The Data Panel is the Content Management System or the Admin Panel of your database. You can create smart forms with custom validations to facilitate a great user experience. You can create multiple modules that are inter-related through various datapoints. You can even add custom PHP functions to alter data or implement any other feature.
  • App console – The App console was designed to let developers create beautiful user interfaces for your app using the drag and drop editor that comes with the browser. You can use the browser to simultaneously build iOS and android apps that are empowered by custom UI and logic without the need for any SDK.
  • PreviewIT - This feature gives you real-time native previews of the applications you have designed. You can test your app with live data and without the need for recompiling every time you make a change. This is the handiest tool as it enables you to add multiple previewers and channel their feedback.
  • Deploy IT - Configure.IT enables one-click remote deployment of backend and even gives you the entire source code of your backend. It also makes generating builds and uploading your certificate a breeze.

So, it sounds like migrating to Configure.IT will turn out efficient apps in lesser time, and is a one-stop destination to develop, test and manage your app.

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