The Do's And Don'ts Before Delving Into Mobile App Development

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The Do's And Don'ts Before Delving Into Mobile App Development

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Making money is not herculean task! All you need to do is to have a proper strategy to showcase your projects in a very user friendly and engaging way.

What is a commercial aim?

Right from the analyzing your market or your users you need to analyze what kind of strategy you need to have to generate revenue. Do not just start on with your outsource Android app development process without giving any thought about its commercial aim. To fulfill you commercial aims you need to follow the following three steps

1) Craft your monetization strategy to fulfill your commercial aims.. 

You have certainly not invested thousands of dollars to get no returns. In order to get maximum returns on your investment you need to craft a strong monetization strategy. Moreover, you need to know the potential of your app and then charge accordingly. Make sure that the entertainment or engagement feature is worth the dollars that you are charging.

Apart from paid apps, we have other strategies such as in-app purchases and advertisements. If you think that your apps engagement is worth not attracting then you can certainly opt for these strategies to generate revenue smartly.

2) Know your customers

Business owners who already have their websites can make use of analytic s to understand the mobile traffic. Using online tools you can easily find out the fragmentation of operating systems viz Android, iOS , blackberry and more. You can easily figure out the type of the device which they use such as phablets, tablets or smartphones. You can find out whether they want to gain information or shop. This statistical data analysis will help you to devise best strategy and will help you to make the right decisions.

3) To Whom are you targeting ?

Before just jumping into the development it is very important to know about your target audience. Are they Male or female, kids, teenagers, adults or adolescents? Further you also need to know their native area and preferred language. Based on this analysis you should start your development preparation. Yes.. you need to know that whether you need to make a multi-lingual interfaces and for which operating systems. Further, this will help you to make decisions such as which social media platforms to choose for promotions. We know that teenagers like Facebook and adults are more into Twitter. These all steps will help you to create a streamline flow towards success.

4) User experience and functionalities

At times developers go for tools provided by web hosting websites such as Godady to create a responsive version of their website. However, it has been noticed that people expect different interface on both mobile and web. Moreover, in order to stay in the competition you need to come up with something exciting features which makes you stand atoll in the competition. Moreover, in order to provide different experiences on different device companies opt in for mobile application development or develop mobile apps that can determine the device before loading. Developers do this by upgrading the main website to responsive and then integrating the additional features needed on mobile. This might be a bit complex for you to understand but eventually when you will get more traffic due to economies of scale you'll get to like it.

5) Your Apps size

Memory storage matters a lot as iPhones also do not comes with expandable memory slots. In the market there are devices which range from 16GB ~ 32GB. Thus, your app size matters a lot for it to stay on your users smartphone.

6) You apps scope

Don't be a jack of all trades as you'll end up becoming master of none. Application of every genre have its own set of functionalities. Trying to thrust more features will end up making your app a mess. The more feature you will add more confusion you will create for users. Make sure that your app provide meaningful and simple design features.

7) Design style

Choosing the most suitable design for your app is very necessary. Moreover, it matters a lot of you are developing a gaming app. A lot of user engagement depends on whether your gaming app is in portrait or landscape format. For instance, Candy

Crush works well in portrait style, wherein if Roadrash makers would have chosen the same they wouldn't have created the same effect. Further you need to fix all the bugs before launching it.

8) Network connectivity

Mobile app development companies have Wifi office campus and thus their app functions quite well. Wherefore, they neglect the fact that there are users who still use 2G and thus their apps do perform well. This is why users abandon their apps despite of good functonalities. Moreover, The testers must also test that there are scenarios when users are on a journey. Thus, your apps credibility depends a lot when it is able to adjust through the dropping connection.

I hope this might help. Feel free to add your view!

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