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Download and Installing Windows 8 Developer Preview 32 bit in Virtual Machine

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Download and Installing Windows 8 Developer Preview 32 bit in Virtual Machine

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In this article we are going to see how to download and install Windows 8 Developer Preview in a http://karthikeyananbarasan.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=3470&action=editVirtual Machine. Microsoft released Windows 8 in BUILD Conference. Let us see how to install the Windows 8 Developer preview step by step on to a Virtual Box.

The document is a step by step screen reference of installation the Windows 8 32 bit in Virtual box.

First we need to download the Windows 8 32 bit version from the Microsoft website using the link WINDOWS 8 Download and install the Oracle VM Virtual Box using the link Oracle VM Box

Now install the Oracle VM box(Since virtual box is already installed on my machine for SharePoint 2010, I have opened the VM Manager directly as shown in the screen below. Now follow the below steps to install the Windows 8 on to the Virtual Machine(Self Explanatory)

2011-09-28 07h37_07

2011-09-28 07h37_41

2011-09-28 07h38_35

2011-09-28 07h41_17

2011-09-28 07h42_06

2011-09-28 07h42_44

2011-09-28 07h46_35

2011-09-28 07h47_00

2011-09-28 07h48_06

2011-09-28 07h48_34

2011-09-28 07h49_02

2011-09-28 07h56_27

2011-09-28 07h57_08

2011-09-28 07h57_50

2011-09-28 07h58_29

2011-09-28 07h59_03

2011-09-28 08h00_20

2011-09-28 08h01_09

2011-09-28 08h03_48

2011-09-28 08h04_21

2011-09-28 08h04_58

2011-09-28 08h45_10

2011-09-28 09h34_01

2011-09-28 09h35_10


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