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Drinking Coffee and the Concept of ''I Don't Have Enough Time'' [Video]

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Drinking Coffee and the Concept of ''I Don't Have Enough Time'' [Video]

In this post we take a look at two topics that most developers can relate to: Not having enough time in the day, and, the Big C: Coffee! Read on to find out how you can curb and control both of these areas.

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Today, we are going to talk about two different but relatable topics that occur when it comes to being a productive software developer.

The first topic we are going to address is the drinking coffee problem. I know a lot of developers have trouble when it comes to drinking coffee. Most people use coffee as a crutch to get energy during the day.

According to Body Ecology, “Research is finding that one reason so many people are addicted to coffee is that they may be deficient in dopamine. However, while this research may give people the license to drink more coffee, it is misleading. This is because the coffee itself may then lead to an increase in the root of the depression by further taxing your system, creating more stress, and damaging the delicate pH of your stomach.”

So, how is your relationship with coffee and how does it affect your overall performance?

Besides that, we’re also going to talk about the famous argument, “I don’t have enough time.” Do you really don’t have time, or are you mismanaging everything? Watch this video and find out!

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