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Drive Innovation Through Team Diversity

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Diversity = Success!
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Organizations can inspire innovations in numerous ways successfully while it also can go horribly wrong for some others. Here is an important tip that is usually neglected mainly due to the lack of awareness that may be hurting your innovation process.

How are your teams assembled for innovative work? How diverse your working groups are? It is not a surprise if the initiative is an organization-wide one, you will have representatives from different departments? Have you thought beyond that? This article discusses a factor that will improve the ability to innovate and yield better results.

Organizations need to understand innovative work is different from other types of work. If they don’t understand this significant difference one common mistake done by them is setting deadlines to innovation drives. Hence usual tendency is to assemble a similarly minded group in order to complete something challenging. However, this approach will not achieve the best results for a challenge that requires innovation, something totally new. While this approach will benefit non-innovative, analytics-driven work, studies have proven such deadlines will have a negative impact on innovative work.

For innovative work, it will always be better to have a diverse set of individuals in the team. These individuals may have different educational, cultural and personal backgrounds. The diverse backgrounds will enable discussion to be enriched with different thinking and conversations around those ideas. Powerful questions will lead you to broaden your understanding of the problem to be solved or to have a completely different view of the problem. One of the biggest mistakes committed by people who strive to build innovative products is to focus less on the problem and jumping into future mode too soon. Having a diverse group will always help to understand the problem much better which will lead to a better solution.

How comfortable are you with having a critical person on your team? These people normally present a totally different point of view about the question to be resolved and those ideas sometimes lead to endless conversations. In an innovative driven culture, these people should be always welcome to the discussion table because they may be the ones who will surface “key trade-off” questions that will either make or break your idea. The sooner you find answers to these questions, the cheaper and faster your trials will be.

You might not be able to get 100% efficiency in this approach, but you will surely be fostering your idea bed which will help you to achieve quantum growth through a revolutionary, disruptive product later. If you have not tried this, why don’t you give it a shot next time?

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