Drupal and Symfony2: the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

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Drupal and Symfony2: the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

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Symfony2 is trying to make programmers to fall in love. And non-programmers especially love Drupal -- maybe because it's easy to use, and gives non-programmers a lot of control.

But Drupal sometimes annoys programmers, who don't like procedural programming as much these days.

Then came the news that Drupal will use Symfony2's HttpFoundation -- making programmers a little ( maybe a lot) happier about the popular CMS.

Stefan Koopmanschap makes additional hay about growing Drupal/Symfony integration. He makes an interesting point: not only will development get simpler, but Symfony2, phpBB, and Drupal developers will also be able to collaborate on one another's projects, much more easily.

Here are a few choice snippets from the article:

With Drupal moving now towards reusing existing components and integrating those, just like phpBB last year, Drupal now is opening up to a new community.

So far, I had to make a choice between either one approach because integrating it would take me a lot of time. Now, with Drupal adopting some Symfony2 components, this integration is looking to become a whole lot easier.

His last words sum up these recent developments nicely:

Welcome Drupal community to the Symfony2 community. I am excited to become part of yours!

Read the full, enthusiastic post here.


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