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Drupal Hackathon for the Solr Search Integration Module: Help Out!

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The Drupal experts over at Acquia are planning a 5-day virtual code sprint for next weekend (Friday April 8 through Wednesday April 13) to bring the Apache Solr Search Integration module to a full-featured, stable release for Drupal 7, which was released earlier this year.  It starts on a weekend, so that more people can participate on the front end.  This hackathon will focus on integration with Facet API, integration with Views, UI improvements, and expanded test coverage.

"From Acquia both Chris Pliakas (cpliakas) and I (pwolanin) will be participating and we expect participation from several Drupal shops using Apache Solr. We will use a dedicated IRC channel for ongoing chatter and have conference calls open to any interested participants discuss the strategy, architecture, and progress of the features being worked on during the sprint. Prior to that we will have discussions in the Sprints group about goals and closer to the start of the sprint will have a wiki page there filled in with more details on how to participate. An event is already posted, so you can leave a comment here or sign up at the event node to indicate your interest in participating."

Developers will be working with a a 7.x-1.0-beta4 version of the module, which will already have some significant changes such as an altered schema.xml.  It's a true testament to the power of conferences that many of these recent changes, along with the hackathon, were inspired by the discussions at a DrupalCon session

To read the full post, follow the Reference Box link.

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