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Drupalcon Boston - Day One Blogging Results Are In

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Drupalcon Boston - Day One Blogging Results Are In

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Drupalcon Boston has finished its first full day and the Internets are abuzz with blog reports.

If you're stuck at your desk all week and can't wait for the videos to be posted, you can catch up with the first-day wrap-ups and run-downs with these blog entries (in no particular order):

Great day for Drupal (acquia.com)
Excerpt: "Today I also gave my traditional State of Drupal keynote presentation. While the preparation of such a presentation is never easy, I relish the chance to both look back upon what the Drupal community has accomplished in the past year and look forward to what the future holds in store for Drupal."

DrupalCon Boston 2008: Day 1 Reports (angrydonuts.com)
Excerpt: "The first session I went to was the usability report -- several key Drupal contributors went to a usability lab in Minnesota just prior to the con and provided a report of their findings. They found some issues that are easy enough to fix, though there is also some concern from my perspective that the evidence can be misinterpreted to change things in the wrong direction somewhat."

Drupalcon Boston Day 1 (anelloconsulting.com)
Excerpt (about Dries keynote): "His vision for Drupal 7 was laid out in a very methodical way, taking his cues from multiple surveys that he conducted. He found that about 70% of developers wanting to focus on Drupal as a product, with the remaining 30% wanting to focus on Drupal as a framework."

Come say hi at Drupalcon Boston! (codesorcery.net)
Excerpt: "Probably the most interesting session so far for me was the last, on Drupal in China, covering issues as varied as outsourcing & off-shoring, governmental technology initiatives, software piracy, language barriers & internationalization, community involvement, and lifestyle & free-time activities ... "

Drupalcon: State of Drupal by Dries Buytaert (lullabot.com)
Excerpt: "Dries Buytaert announced that Drupal 7 development will have 3/4 of a year dedicated to innovation assuming 100% unit test coverage and support from the Drupal community. Projected code freeze will be somewhere around 10/15/08."

Dries' keynote (krimson.be)
Excerpt: "Despite his dislike for the terms, he believes that after "Web 2.0" was about users and social networking stuff, "Web 3.0" will be all about data, like data portability and web services."

Day 1 Drupalcon -- Usability (dogstar.org)
Excerpt: "Personally, I thought the session was excellent and a good way to kick off the conference. It is always healthy to look at what works and what doesn't work."

Drupalcon Boston - First Day, First Impressions (alligatorsneeze.com)

  • When you get beer into Drupallers, things get really interesting.
  • Free coffee goes fast.
  • Having Drupalcon in a freezing city kind of sucks.


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