Dynatrace Debuts Customer Experience Cockpit

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Dynatrace Debuts Customer Experience Cockpit

Dynatrace recently debuted a Customer Experience Cockpit in their APM. Learn how this game-changing focus on users impacts the entire APM space.

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Performance monitoring is significant for any business, regardless of sector. TechCrunch reported this week on a huge announcement from application performance monitoring (APM) platform Dynatrace. The newest iteration of the APM platform boasts a nifty new feature: customer experience monitoring.

Among the slew of added tools is the Customer Experience Cockpit. The Cockpit generates a User Satisfaction Rating that depends on several performance factors. Issues with performance can either have an internal or external impact, if not both. Dynatrace’s Customer Experience Cockpit allows businesses to visualize the effect of performance on their users.

Dynatrace has taken their APM solution a step beyond monitoring. Now it allows the business world prioritize which aspects of performance are most important. Raw data is great, but actually understanding the results of this information is even better. The Dynatrace Customer Experience Cockpit translates technical jargon into real-world results, which is ultimately what matters most.

The majority of customers complaining about performance problems aren’t reporting bugs or QA testing, at least not intentionally. Nevertheless, feedback like “it’s slow,” must be addressed. In an ideal world, we’d be able to address every performance issue immediately, but if you read the news, you’ll know we don’t live in an ideal world. Thus, it’s necessary to allocate the proper resources to the appropriate areas.

As you’ve probably noticed by now, DZone just launched a brand new and improved website. Before launch, many of us, myself included, were QA and bug testing. I won’t profess that the new site was, or is, bug free, but it’s hard to find any piece of software that’s perfect. Even one of the greatest video games of all time, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, had the infamous Swordless Link glitch which was fixed on later versions of the game. While prioritizing performance fixes for the new DZone, often decisions came down to whether you faithful readers would suffer performance problems, or if we’d have a slight internal nuisance.

Introducing a means to quantify the customer experience is revolutionary, and a rarity in the performance and monitoring space. The benefits of Dynatrace’s Cockpit will undoubtedly improve the user experiences, but also resonate within companies. Customer service departments, for instance, will hopefully have fewer complaints, and be able to more accurately address these reports. It’s a game changer in the APM world, further illustrating the importance of performance in any industry, and proof of the growing trend that every company is a software company.  

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