Dynatrace Identifies Root Cause of Problems for ZoomInfo

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Dynatrace Identifies Root Cause of Problems for ZoomInfo

It's key to remember that visibility into the entire application pipeline is necessary to improve the user experience most efficiently.

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I had the pleasure of talking to John Robinson, IT Architect for ZoomInfo. John joined ZoomInfo about 18 months ago and when he came on board he saw the need for a tool that would enable he, and rest of the IT team, to quickly determine the source of a problem if a client was not able to access and/or integrate data from ZoomInfo into their CRMs or other databases.

Root-Cause Analysis

John and his team considered several major application performance monitoring (APM) vendors but found that app-to-hardware root-cause analysis (RCA) as a capability was lacking or absent from most vendor offerings. The ZoomInfo team beta-tested several products that were able to look at an application from the customer’s perspective, and trace back to any component to see where the performance problem was. Some tools looked at the infrastructure, others the application, and others the database. Dynatrace was the only solution to provide visibility into the entire pipeline.

Reduce Mean Time to Resolution

John has been pleased with the performance of Dynatrace. It’s been ZoomInfo’s primary tool to diagnose problems and reduce mean time to resolution. The greatest benefit has been knowing whether a problem lies within ZoomInfo’s systems, on a client’s system or on another network of ISP. This level of visibility saves a lot of time by letting the engineers, as well as the clients, know precisely where the problem is with a high degree of accuracy.


John sees APM and RCA technology evolving toward a natural, complete state whereby automated monitoring and remediation takes place at scale enabling the system to stay online while problems are mitigated. Dynatrace can determine if there’s a problem in a recent deployment and ZoomInfo can rollback to an earlier deployment until the problem can be addressed.

Virtual Assistant for Digital Performance

John is excited about davis, Dynatrace’s new virtual assistant for digital performance management. He sees the day when ZoomInfo will supply its clients with devices to query Dynatrace to pre-diagnose any problems they may be having. If something is wrong with the API, ZoomInfo can be notified immediately.

Ultimately, perhaps the clients will get Dynatrace to monitor their own environment making it even easier to discern connection and data communication problems.

More Automation

John looks forward to using the Slack integration with davis to provide information to all ZoomInfo engineers in a timely fashion, promote collaboration, and expedite problem resolution. He anticipates working with Dynatrace to automate more of their processes and he feels confident that he’ll be able to do so since the Dynatrace API exposes all of the information for the user interface to promote automation.

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