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DZ Discuss: How is Docker Changing the PaaS Landscape?

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DZ Discuss: How is Docker Changing the PaaS Landscape?

Weigh in on how Docker has impacted the way we think about and use Platform-as-a-Service technologies.

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This is something that's been discussed for a while now, and I'd like to hear more from DZone readers about what they think. We're used to covering the cloud platforms and development landscape with our Guide to Cloud Development research guides, but increasingly our conversations about PaaS overlap with container technologies, specifically Docker. What I'd like to do know is: how has Docker impacted the way you use a PaaS, or what you think can be accomplished with a PaaS?

Many different PaaS providers have already integrated Docker, including services like Stackato and Apprenda. We're also seeing a lot of new Docker-based (or at least inspired) products such as Deis, octohost, Flynn, WaveMaker, Dokku, Tsuru, and likely others out there I'm not even aware of yet. 

What's your response to the Docker x PaaS mania? Leave a comment or tweet at @bendzone to weigh in.

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