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DZone Curated Links We Don't Want You To Miss (1/24/13)

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DZone Curated Links We Don't Want You To Miss (1/24/13)

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What Every Developer Should Know About Time

Check out these 26 tips that should help you out a lot when working with time in your code.

1 Fundamental Difference Between ElasticSearch and Solr 
Another useful piece of information for anyone who's comparing ElasticSearch and Solr for a project.

3 Levels of HTML5 Usage
Level 1: It Just Works™   Level 2: Stuff that degrades gracefully by default   Level 3: All you need is some extra love   And it finishes up with a Summary (TL;DR) at the bottom.  But I think you'll want to read it all.

Broadband Inequality Among Nations
Found your interesting chart for the day.  This data shows that there's an exponential drop-off from the countries with the highest average broadband speed and other countries within the top 10.  Also, this might be helpful if you're considering a move to another country.  If your destination isn't on this top 10 list, you might want to reconsider.

Eclipse Orion on Raspberry Pi
Cloud-based development with Orion is a great idea on the minimalist hardware of Raspberry Pi.

Evaluating PHP Frameworks: I'll Save You Some Time... Pick Laravel
In this well-organized PHP frameworks comparison, the young buck comes out on top.  I've heard many people refer to Laravel as "The Ruby on Rails for PHP".

Prominent SQL/NewSQL DBs - Is their ACID really ACID?
"ACID and NewSQL databases rarely provide true ACID guarantees by default, if they are supported at all." Is this a shocker to most? 

New Default Data Source in Java EE 7
Some news from Arun Gupta: "Lesser XML and more defaults makes Java EE 7 more lightweight and user friendly!"

On JSR 356: A Java API for WebSocket
Listen to the latest Java Spotlight podcast to hear an interview with Danny Coward on JSR 356, the new Java API for Websocket.

Clay Programming Language Reaches Version 0.1.2 - Moving at a Snail's Pace?
I remember covering the announcement of this new programming language in 2010!  Is it moving along towards production-readiness?  It seemed pretty cool back when it first was revealed.

A Bookmarklet for Responsive Design!
Hit the bookmark, and instantly test your site in a variety of screen size scenarios!

Audacity 2.0.3 Released!
The best FOSS audio editing software that you'll find.  I use this all the time.  Mainly when making awesome ringtones for myself.


Mozilla Unveils Firefox OS (aka. Boot to Gecko) smartphones, for sale in February

There was a ton of buzz around the Boot to Gecko OS when it was first announced. Looks really cool, but this would have been cooler.

iPhone hangs on in US, Japan, but EVERYONE ELSE bought an Android

I was drawn to this more because of the news about Windows Phone overtaking BlackBerry in the EU. I know that's like saying Indonesia finally beat Equatorial Guinea in a game of Ice Hockey, but hey... small victories.

VMware Invests $30M in PuppetLabs

Looks like we could see some handy VMware integrations with Puppet this year.  But there will always be one thing that PuppetLabs doesn't have - a firefighter for its CEO...

Reports of Liferay's Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Matt Asay, a VP at 10gen gives a little backrub to Liferay, explaining how they've remained strong when, as he says, "the enterprise portal market should have died years ago."

Cyber War is Happening... and Apparently it's Too Easy

The US has used some pretty scary malware weapons, Stuxnet and Flame, on Iran to sabotage their nuclear program.  You could call it a Cyber War, but that would imply that the other side can effectively fight back.

Your Interview Will Consist of Solving a Portal 2 Level

I may be biased because I love the Portal games, but this just seems too cool.  A company is using their own custom Portal 2 level for a pre-interview test with their branding and everything.  It all comes down to problem solving in programming, so it makes a little sense.


Users Want Less Interactivity

Based on the huge amount of passive consumers on the internet, I thought this post might not have been a joke. 

Facebook Graph Searches - Officially a Meme

Want to know "Married people who like Prostitutes"?  Or maybe, "Mothers of Jews who like Bacon?" Then be inspired by this new tumblr.

I've Been Expecting, and Eagerly Waiting For This....

Anyone who heard about or saw the movie Django Unchained (it was awesome, btw) and also knew that there was a web framework named "Django", must have thought of this possibility:

I like the way you code, boy.

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