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DZone Article Submission Guidelines

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DZone Article Submission Guidelines

We publish an average of 50 articles a day, many submitted directly by our faithful readers. If you're interested in publishing on DZone, here's what we're looking for.

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Before submitting an article you'd like to publish on DZone, please make sure that your content conforms to the following guidelines:

  1. Your DZone profile picture must be an actual picture of you. Articles submitted through a profile with a company logo or without a profile picture may be deleted. 
  2. Your DZone profile must display your real name. Articles submitted through a profile with a company name or pseudonym may be deleted. (We're serving a community of practice here -- we're not an outlet for depersonalized self-promotion.)
  3. Content you submit must be original content written by you, with quotations used sparingly in accordance with general plagiarism-avoidance guidelines. Content written by you but published elsewhere (such as a personal or company blog) is acceptable as long as you have permission to republish it.
  4. Content submitted to DZone must be relevant, interesting, informative, and related to software development broadly conceived. Our current focus topics appear in our navbar, but articles related to software architecture, application lifecycle management, UI/UX design, computer hardware (with a developer spin), data science and management, computer science, and similar topics is usually suitable.

    The following topics, on the other hand, are not well suited to DZone and may be deleted at the discretion of our moderators:
    • Pure SEO (above the page-structure level; DOM- and code-level SEO optimizations are fine, but this is sometimes a fine line)
    • Gadgets without a related developer story
    • Raw press releases / minor product announcements
    • Ads for professional services
    • Advertorial content (won't win you any developer friends anyway)
    • Irrelevant content
    • Blurbs or incomplete articles
  5. Code snippets, block quotes, and other HTML elements must be properly formatted. (Sloppy formatting may delay the moderation process -- and we do our best to spiff things up, but sometimes we'll ask for additional help from you.)
  6. Articles must be written in English and have legible grammar and spelling. (Just because English is the de facto natural language for writing about software engineering across the world -- so English will reach the largest number of readers.)

Additionally, please note that all articles submitted to DZone must go through moderation and be edited by our team of editors. The time it takes for articles to go through moderation may vary based on volume of submissions received.

Thank you for contributing to DZone! If you have any questions about articles, content or submission guidelines, please email curators@dzone.com.

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