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DZone Bounties Are Back!

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DZone Bounties Are Back!

Love tech, writing about development, and a little extra money? Read on to see how to get a $100 eGift Card for getting published on DZone.

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Here at DZone, we're always on the lookout for the best content related to software development. And boy do our contributors deliver some great articles! As the holiday season approaches, though, we're getting into the giving spirit and wanted to find ways to reward our great contributors. To that end, we're putting new life into our Bounty Board. The Bounty Board is a place where DZone members can go to find writing prompts created by our very own Content Team, so you know the topic is relevant to the DZone audience of over 3 million technologists. When you find a bounty you like, follow the prompt given by our intrepid editors to craft the best post you can. Then hit submit. If the Content Team likes your post and decides to publish it on DZone, then you will receive a $100 eGift Card!

For a more detailed walkthrough of the Bounty Board submission process, check out the official page, here. If you have any questions on submitting to DZone in general, here's a link to our Submission Guidelines and an article detailing how to submit a post to DZone

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to reviewing your content! 

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