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Daily Dose - Metawidget 1.0 Lands

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Daily Dose - Metawidget 1.0 Lands

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The unique Java UI tool, Metawidget, has finally reached a high level of maturity since its inception over two years ago.  The open source project is described as a "smart User Interface widget" that makes the necessary changes at runtime to match the UI components to the properties of your back-end business objects.  Metawidget works with all JVM languages and integrates with platforms like JSF, Android, Hibernate, GWT, Struts, RichFaces, Spring, Swing, and Eclipse SWT.  Read more about this unique tool here.

Microsoft Drops First Service Pack for Expression Blend 4
Expression Blend 4 SP1 was released this week.  The release is compatible with Visual Studio 2010, Silverlight 3 and 4, and .NET 3.5 and 4.  It's also the de facto tool for building Windows Phone 7 apps.  A number of issues have been fixed in this release and support has been added for FXF documents.

Fedora 14 Goes Beta
The Red Hat sponsored Fedora development team released the first and only beta of Fedora 14, codename "Laughlin".  The beta returns to using Upstart for system start-up, but Systemd should be implemented in Fedora 15.  Other new features include the Rakudo Star Perl 6 distribution, toolkits and compilers for the D language, integration of the Spice protocol, GNOME 2.32, and the KDE project's Plasma Desktop.

Develop iPhone Apps on Windows with Rhomobile
Rhomobile's new RhoHub SaaS, released this week, lets developers write apps for a number of mobile platforms on their own terms.  No need to buy a Mac to use that pesky XCode.  Instead, RhoHub lets you develop iOS apps even on Windows.  RhoMobile also lets developers write apps in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Ruby instead of Objective-C for the iOS.

Mockito - Pros, Cons, and Best Practices
Over the last four years, people have started using Mockito over EasyMock.  Here's why it's better.  Groovy-master Hamlet D'Arcy brought us this link and wrote the entry.

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