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Daily Dose - Java SE Patched Today

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Daily Dose - Java SE Patched Today

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"I love writing authentication and authorization code." ~ No Developer Ever. Try Okta Instead.

Today Oracle is releasing an update that will fix 29 critical holes in the Java Development Kit and the Java Runtime Environment.  The patch effects not only Java SE and Java for business, but also some of Oracle's proprietary technologies.  Oracle Database Server, Fusion middleware, and E-Business Suite are also getting patches.

The Great Circle of Litigation
Getting sued by Microsoft sucks.  Just ask Motorola, who was sued last week by the Redmond-based company over basic smartphone application features.  What's the best response?  Sue Microsoft back?  Maybe…  Sue Apple?  Better.  That's what Motorola announced today.  The smartphone maker insists that Apple has infringed on 18 of the company's patents.  The patents include a method for distributing message traffic and an antenna design.

Android Market Updates for All!
Owners of older Android devices were pleased this week to see their devices receiving the Android Marketplace updates that newer versions had already received.  Android 2.1 through 1.6 now includes the Marketplace's new tabbed layout, local currency displays, and the ability to automatically update apps - a huge time-saver for Android users.

Smeegol - openSUSE MeeGo
An openSUSE interpretation of MeeGo, Smeegol 1.0, was released recently by the volunteers on the openSUSE Goblin Team.   This should allow users of MeeGo to benefit from the openSUSE ecosystem, developers say.  Smeegol includes the Banshee music player, the Evolution Express mail client, and expanded social network support.

Solve Runtime problems easily with Byteman
Use Byteman to see (and alter) the runtime behavior of your Java application.  This link was brought to you by Rick Wagner.

"I love writing authentication and authorization code." ~ No Developer Ever. Try Okta Instead.


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