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Daily Dose - GWT 2.1 RC1 Adds 2.2 Features

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Daily Dose - GWT 2.1 RC1 Adds 2.2 Features

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Developers are getting GWT (Google Web Toolkit) features that were originally planned for version 2.2 by downloading the 2.1 RC1 version, which was just released.  GWT 2.1 features a Model-View-Presenter framework that introduces the concepts of Activities and Places.  Also included in the new release are Cell Widgets and Safe HTML - a library that protects the HTML in Cell Widgets.  Finally, the 2.1 release has support for logging and a server-side speed tracer that tracks performance on GAE (Google AppEngine) or SpringSource's tc Server.

Weld Extensions 1 Goes Beta 1
The API for Weld Extensions 1.0 is stable and in Beta 1 status this week.  This portable library contains extensions for the core CDI programming model, typed logging (courtesy of JBoss Logging 3), managed resource loading and support for evaluating EL anywhere.  The library also contains builders, utilities, beans, and plenty of CDI extensions that make configuration easier.

RichFaces 4.0 Getting Richer
More releases are coming out of JBoss this week, including the third milestone of RichFaces 4.0.    The new features include Client Side Validation (prototype-status), new components, a more stable core, automation tests with quint and JUnit, GAE support, and a GAE profiler.  There is also a new resource plugin that facilitates cloud deployments and serves dynamic resources statically.

Membase 1.6 Free to Download
The memcached-based key-value store (NoSQL) known as Membase Server, is now freely available in the newly released 1.6 version.  Membase takes the utility of memcached's distributed RAM database and extends it to data storage on hard disk drives, data replication, and storage management.  NorthScale, the company that built Membase, has changed their name to Membase, Inc.

Adam Bien: Java Developer of the Year (2010)
Congratulations to Java EE Community member and DZone MVB (Most-Valuable Blogger) Adam Bien.  You deserve it, Adam!

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