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Daily Dose - Spring Web Flow 2.2 GA

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Daily Dose - Spring Web Flow 2.2 GA

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The final release of Spring Web Flow 2.2 is here bringing JSF 2.0 support and Portlet 2.0 support.  This version of Spring Web Flow implements Dojo 1.5, dojox, and a Facelets tag library for Spring Security.  2.2 also adds two spring-js artifacts and a Spring Travel sample application built on JSF2 and PrimeFaces components.

Oracle Still Supporting OpenOffice
At the ODF (Open Document Format) Plugfest in Brussels, Belgium, Oracle said that it is continuing its support for OpenOffice.org.  This announcement comes in the wake of a forking of OpenOffice into a new project called LibreOffice, supported by Novell, Google, Red Hat, Canonical, the OSI, and the FSF.  Oracle says that the release of OpenOffice 3.2.1 and 3.3 beta demonstrate its continuing commitment to the open source community of OpenOffice.

iOS 4.2 Beta 3

The first cross-device iOS release is nearing completion.  Apple has released a third beta and says that developers should get their apps ready for the update.  This version will align all of the major features in iOS 4.x across devices.  The iPad will get the most updates, including multitasking.

C hrome OS by November 11th?
Hints on the Chrome OS developer forums suggest that a release candidate of the web-reliant operating system is near.  On the forums a Google employee said: "We will push this after 11 November."  It's been less than a year since Google revealed the plans for its unorthodox OS.

J and I and Me: Spring vs. Java EE and Why I Don't Care
"Java EE and Spring are both on a comparable level concerning productivity we need to come up with novel ideas to improve. Looking at Ruby on Rails helps here."  Markus Eisele posted this link.

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